what is greek life

My name is Laura I am a senior at the University of Texas at Arlington majoring in Advertising. I am currently interning at a t-shirt print shop called M. Benjamin Designs. I manage all the accounts and social media there. I was an active member of Delta Zeta my first 3 years of college. In my free time I love to design, craft, and go out dancing on the weekends.

Let’s start with this…Greek is life is NOT for everyone. With the being said, going Greek was without a doubt the best decision of my college career.
Greek life tends to get a bad rep with the way it is portrayed in movies and the articles that come out on the news. But group does not represent Greeks in its entirety.
Here are 3 things that I have gained from going Greek:
1. Accountability
When going Greek you learn very quickly that you no longer only represent yourself, you now represent an entire group of women. You learn to hold yourself to a higher standard than you ever have before. Whether it be in school or your social life you take into consideration how things will not only effect yourself but also your chapter as well.

2. Time Management
If there is one thing I am so grateful that I learned in my time in Greek life was how to manage my time. You have so many things going on between homework, projects, tests, work, social events, and the list goes on and on it can get overwhelming very quickly. But with the proper time management it is very possible to enjoy all these aspects of college.

Using a planner is absolute key to time management. Find one that works for you and your needs. It does take a little bit of research and shopping around to find a planner that fits your life but the end result (and less stress) is absolutely worth it! I have used many from Lilly Pulitzer agendas to my iPhone calendar.

Develop a system and stick with it. I have used the same color coding since my freshman year of college and that’s the system that works for me.

3. Forever Friendships
I know what you’re thinking “how cliché is that?!” but seriously it’s a fact. Sorority’s are not just that fun thing you did in college it truly is a life time of friendships. You develop a bond with these girls that’s unexplainable. You share rituals, laughter’s, tears, the excitement of getting your big or your first little.

Your pledge sisters have been there from the beginning. You all went the same thing at the same time. Three years later my pledge sisters and I are still the best of friends!

Your big will be your rock throughout it all. She is your mentor and your friend. The person you can go to when you feel a mental breakdown coming because it will happen at some point, but that’s okay because you have someone to go to who will listen and offer you advice.

You will always have a study partner, a lunch date, or even someone’s closet to go through when you have absolutely nothing to wear. Greek life brought you together, but it’s not the only thing that will keep you together.

There are so many wonderful aspects of going Greek. And those listed above are just the beginning. You get out of it what you put into it, so if you make the decision to go Greek give it your all, get out of your comfort zone and try new things. You will only regret the things that you don’t do. So go out there and find your home!

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