Growth and Success

My name is Raquel Luciani, I am a student at John Brown University in Arkansas studying International Business, marketing and management. Originally born and raised in the beautiful country of Mexico, my I am also an American and Costa Rican citizen, passed down from my parents. As you might guess I am bilingual, Spanish being my first language and since high school I have being trying to learn French. Not only am I a student, but I am a leader of an Enactus project dedicated to empowering coffee farmers around the world. Also on the side I enjoy photography, traveling, drawing, and cooking.

First off when writing your resume, remember this is not a simple reflection paper that you are going to turn in to your professor. The key is to be concise and include the most important aspects of you. May that be skills, work experience and opportunities that have come your way. Also you have to realize that you are competing with many other college students who are getting a degree in something. What makes you stand out is not what you studied and your GPA, instead how you have contributed to the community around you to develop those skills and your character. In those opportunities have you striven to be excellent in that position or your specific area of study.

The importance that we do not realize that of the first impression our interviewer or potential hirer will have of you is just one page. Therefore putting “our best foot forward” is vital to pursue this job, position or internship. It also reflects you, who you are as a person. The level of excellence of your resume communicates the type of person that you are: are you driven, hardworking, passionate? If you do not put effort into putting together your résumé, these people will notice this. Also if you do not put a bit of effort in fulfilling such a small task how is it that they can expect you to be compatible for the position they are interviewing you for. Good communication skills are essential to almost any position in the work field. Clear dialogue and presentation, to communicate ideas, plans, and facts this marks those apart the influencers that can move people around them and even their society. It is on this single page paper that we communicate whom we are and what we have done to take advantage of the resources and opportunities. If you are not an opportunity taker, how then can they expect that you will give them the results they need and even more?

Your character can be your most valuable asset that you can have. Employers analyze you, since they realize that the hardest thing to deal with when they hire someone is their attitude and character. This is something they cannot change, they can help you to get the skills necessary for that specific position, but they cannot change the person you have become. They need someone that is a team player, approachable, amiable, hardworking, problem solver, focused, and passionate. Also depending on the position they might look for, also traits such as leadership, motivation, communication skills, and disposition. All these are indispensable to have, and one must start working on these. To give you the opportunity to develop and enrich your skills and character one might wonder how to get there, well challenge yourself and move. Get involved in some mission or project that is out of your expertise, that will require hard work, but you are passionate about. Like the accomplished Jack Warner said, “its funny how the harder I work, the more successful I become.”

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