Hair styles

College students are busy. You don’t have hours to spend on your hair each morning. Easy, quick school hairstyles are just the thing for you. Here are a few simple ideas.

Ponytails are classic and simple. Choose a low ponytail at the nape of the neck for some variety. If you opt for the traditional high ponytail, try teasing before you gather your hair, then use a light comb to smooth over the top. You will have a nice, traditional ponytail with a modern twist.

If you wish, you can take that low or high ponytail and turn it into a bun. Fix the ponytail first, then twist and wrap your hair around it. Secure it with bobby pins.

You can also go retro, with two side ponytails. This works well with curly hair, as does a single, low side ponytail. Spice up the look with fun, frilly or funky hair clips and accessories.

Braids aren’t just for kids. French Braids are always in style and they are great for hot, summer months. Try an inside-out French braid for variety. You can also frame your face with a French braid braid and then tuck it behind your ear.

Headbands can keep your hair out of your face as you are bent over those text books studying hard for those exams. Try a thick band with teased hair to give it some volume or if you have fine, delicate features, a thin band will do the trick.

If you want to leave your hair down, add some texture with volumizing mouse and scrunch as you dry with a diffuser, no need to wet your hair first. Accessorize with a flower behind the ear or secure a strip of hair to the side with a decorative clip. Soft curls work well with both looks and give off a very feminine and playful vibe.

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