Hairy Situation

Ever been envious of a celebrities perfectly placed highlights, or just any other hairstyle that’s different than yours? I become so inpatient when I want a change with my hair. The thought, I really want to cut my hair, runs across my mind and instantly I want to call the salon and make an appointment to chop my locks. Maybe you have more patience or take time to think about changing your look, but for me it is something I want to happen immediately. It can be a scary and risky decision to drastically change your hair, but if done right it can pay off by making you look slimmer, more stylish, or just plain badass. Here are some tips besides the traditional chop to freshen up your hair and make you look like new in no time.

1. Learn a new hairstyle. This may not seem that life changing, but mastering a new style that you can do with your current hair can give you a completely different vibe. Curls, a French twist, a fishtail braid.. you could just come up with a new signature style. Added bonus, it’s completely free!

2. Bangs. If you don’t want to change the length or color of your hair, but are still searching for something new, bangs are the way to go. You can get bangs cut in so many styles so look up what kind flatter your face shape the most or ask your stylist for her opinion.

3. Highlights. Whether you get face framing, subtle, or whole head, highlights can give your face a fresh new glow and change the color of your hair without having to make the commitment of a complete dye job. Make sure they complement your current color by not going too brassy blonde or a shade much lighter than your current color. You want a natural look, not stripes.

4. Dye it. It can be nerve wracking to dye your hair. Why is she mixing in blue to my color combo? How will she even know what that creamy mixture will end up looking like? For your best chance at success go to a stylist you know and trust to do the job. She will be more familiar with your hair and you will be more at ease. If doing an at home dye make sure you have someone help you who has dyed hair from a box before. It is even scarier to try and attempt doing it by yourself or with someone who has never done it before.

No matter the change you go with, rock it once it is done! The great thing about hair is that it always grows back.

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