Halloween on a budget

It may be easy to go to the Halloween store and find the best sexy nurse or school girl outfit that you can find, but be prepared to fork over $50+ dollars for not a lot of material. Oh, don’t forget – the accessories are extra, including a pair of shoes to match.

Doing Halloween on a budget while still looking great is possible. You just need to get creative and plan ahead. The sooner you think about what you want to be, the better chances you have at saving money and being able to spend more on celebrating.

Start by looking in your own closet – you could be surprised what you find in there that will serve as at least a starter piece for your Halloween wardrobe. A little black dress, an old bath robe, even your old Girl Scout uniform – can be the starting point for a great costume idea.

Turn the old bath robe into a robe for a boxer and throw on your cutest sports bra and shorts – don’t forget to get some boxing gloves or hand wraps if you can find them. A little black dress is a fantastic way to go the Mean Girls route – throw on some bunny ears and draw some whiskers and call it a day! This is an easy outfit to throw together for those last minute invites.

Cheap group costumes are another money-saving Halloween idea to take advantage of. Have everyone find their cutest bright-colored dress and you can become a variety of things: jolly ranchers, soda flavors, box of crayons… the list goes on. Get creative on a budget. Print out labels for yourselves on paper and fasten them to your favorite dress and you are good to go for the night. This also applies to dressing up with your significant other.

Don’t let your Halloween costume break your budget… especially if you plan on celebrating more than one night!

BONUS TIP: The best morning to watch walks of shame is the morning after Halloween… you will be surprised at the number of animals and ghost that are out that early in the morning. It is totally worth getting up early for.

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