Bullying in college

I am currently a student at Kean University majoring in Physical Education with a concentration being Global Fitness and Wellness and with a minor in Health. I also majored in Art for four years at my magnet High School. I am currently working part-time in a law office while I try to find a job suitable for my career path with a fitness and wellness profession!

We live in a world where people tell us to be ourselves and when we finally do, they judge us. Luckily, some people can maintain careless about what others think and say about them but for the not so lucky individuals that let words affect their everyday lives, the worst can occur. The issue shouldn’t be whether or not a person can handle verbal abuse but instead we should focus on the people that are harassing!
There is always a reason behind why bullying occurs and why people get pleasure out of torturing other people but no one ever digs deep enough into a situation until it’s too late. Everyday young kids and adults commit suicide because they are being harassed due to their sexual orientation. When was one person given the right to make another person feel inferior because of their sexual orientation? It’s not so often but it does occur when I read in the newspaper or see on the News that another teenager has committed suicide because of selfless people who judge. The reason could be because the harasser is insecure about themselves.
There will be those who sympathize, empathize and those who don’t care at all. The problem is that not enough people can relate to when someone is being bullied so they don’t interfere but the ones who can relate are the ones who experiences the same thing first hand and some will try to help, while the others will stay out of the spotlight to never have to revisit that situation. There are three types of people in this world; ones who do bad things, ones who see bad things being done and do nothing about it, and the ones who DO. The phrase ‘Leave well enough alone’ is probably directed to all the people who see bad things being done and do nothing to stop it, as long as it’s not turning into a huge problem, spreading pervasively.
Over time, emotions build up and usually those feelings erupt. The victims are left with a choice to continue being bullied, to continue to let those emotions grow, to do something dramatic to stop it, or give up completely. We’ve seen occasions in the news where this has happened. So usually there are cases where the way to end the problem is to end everything completely and that feeling of not being accepted and being uncomfortable should be avoided. As college students it’s the time to truly find ourselves and have courage to be anyone with no limitations. Let your orientation shine and you continue to be a star!

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