Have a Perfect Night In

The rise and grind of college can really take a toll on anyone. Staying up late, group projects, classes, extra-curricular activities, work, meetings… really the list could go on. Of course, the weekends are usually made for going out and letting all of that stress go, but sometimes there is a way to unwind that is better for your health than visiting chugging a few beers.
Pick one night of the weekend, Friday or Saturday (for some people, maybe even a Thursday), and promise yourself that you are going to relax.
On your way home from class that day, stop and pick up your favorite snacks. You can choose to stick to your diet or you can really indulge in the entire evening. Grab a movie or two that you have been dying to see as well. This is also a fantastic time to begin a television show series that everyone seems to be talking about but you have never seen
Once you have your snacks and your movies or shows, it is definitely time to get a hot shower. It doesn’t matter that your class ended at 3p.m. and you are showering in the middle of the afternoon – this is your night to relax. The steam will help your muscles relax and the stress of the day or week will go down the drain. Throw on your favorite, most comfy sweats and grab as many pillows and blankets as you can. Arrange them all on the couch so that there is no possible way that you that you couldn’t be comfortable.
Create an assortment of all of your favorite snacks right in front of you. This time is also a great chance to paint your nails, read a book or magazine or browse the Internet. Really it is up to you if you choose to do those things or if you solely choose to veg out.
Create a drink of your choice too. Whether it is a glass of wine, rum and coke or simply a bottle of beer, let yourself relax a little bit more.
When you start your movie, it is okay to multitask a little bit but at some point, make sure you put it all down and let yourself get absorbed in what you are watching. Give the show or movie your undivided attention and soon you will be engulfed in another world, leaving all of your stresses behind.
It all seems simple enough to write down or think about doing – but how many times to you give yourself this kind of chance to recuperate from the hard day-to-day life of a college student? Working hard and playing hard is definitely acceptable but don’t forget every once in awhile you need to work hard and chill hard.

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