Health & Beauty on a Budget

Cash-strapped but still want to look and feel your best? It’s a pretty common college girl scenario. We’re all on a budget and looking to save wherever we can. Sourcing out some inexpensive (or free!) beauty and health options can really increase your standard of living, without your bottom line suffering. Check out these ideas:
• Free department store makeovers
Department store make-up counters and cosmetic brand stores often offer free make-up demonstrations. Yes, they want you to buy some of the products the make-up artists used, but it’s not necessary. As a gesture of goodwill, you might want to purchase a cheapie lip gloss or single eye shadow. Try and schedule your professional make-up application before a night out to really take advantage of this service.
• Free “trial” exercise classes
There seems to be a mega-gym popping up on every other block. Some of these gyms offer a free trial work-out so you can see if you want to join the gym. If you’re interested in a membership, be sure you mention you’re a college student for a possibly-reduced monthly fee. Also check out yoga and pilates studio in your area. Often these places in college towns will offer free trial classes for college students.
• Beauty schools
Beauty schools are an amazing resource. If you’re lucky enough to have one in your town, be sure to check out their website or even stop by to check out what services they offer. You can usually expect to pay at least 25% to 50% less at beauty schools and colleges.
• Your awesome friends
Do you have a girlfriend who’s a budding a make-up artist? Do you have a GF who’s always coloring her hair cool, awesome colors? Ask them if they feel like practicing on you! It’s a good idea to lay out some expectations ahead of time. Make sure your girl knows what you want before they pick up the shears or the eyeliner.

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