Healthy snacks to keep in dorm

Hello everyone! My name’s Elizabeth Rose and I currently am a sophomore at the University of Arizona. My areas of study at the moment are Marketing and Entrepreneurship, and I’d love to own and operate a few of my own businesses in the future. Experiencing opportunities that allow me to use my creativity has always been something that has brought me great joy, and in my spare time I love to play on my piano and compose music, go to some dance classes, and also paint. In the future, I hope to work some where in either the fashion or entertainment world, while also running some of my own businesses on the side. I’m originally from New York City, but had moved to Phoenix, Arizona four years ago for my dad’s practice. It’s a completely new world, but I’m loving every moment of the beautiful weather we have here! I’m not sure where I’ll end up three years from now, but that’s to be continued…thanks for reading!

You’ve heard the rumor before you’ve even left high school. It’s been spread by your best friend Sally, your older brother; the college grad, and may have even been lightheartedly passed on by your teasing uncle Nick; The Freshman Fifteen. I heard about it years before I ever stepped foot on campus, but through my time at college I’ve learned it’s not as much of a myth as you may think. Actually the freshman fifteen can be a very real and easily manifested thing. That is, if you allow it to be.
Hey everyone! My name’s Elizabeth Rose and I am currently a sophomore at the lovely University of Arizona. At the moment, I’m working towards earning my Bachelors in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Throughout my first year at the UofA I’ve learned a lot about myself as a person, and am continuing to do so today! One thing I’ve learned during my freshman year is that it’s very easy to fall into unhealthy habits. I’d consider myself a pretty health-conscious person. I work out 5 times a week, try to eat as raw as I can, and constantly make sure I’m getting my required amount of nutrients. But with the stresses that come with classes and college itself, along with the countless fast food restaurants made readily available to us college folk, it was actually very difficult for me to maintain that healthy lifestyle. Throughout my first semester I found myself gravitating towards the unhealthy alternatives, and unfortunately it took a drastic toll on my perception of myself. So, second semester I decided to make a few changes to my lifestyle, and I wanted to share some of those changes with you guys! This information may give you a few new ideas, or it may be something you already know, but it did help me so I’m hoping you can take something from it too!
So if all things were left unchanged, the one thing that you can do to achieve a healthier dorm living lifestyle is to eat a clean diet. Our brains and bodies need a constant supply of nutrients to achieve their optimal level of efficiency, and the best way to consume those nutrients are through raw fruits and vegetables. One lifesaver for me during my freshman year was a dorm fridge. I would keep a couple chicken breasts in the freezer along with some frozen fruit and vegetables. Buying fresh fruits and vegetables can be expensive at times, but if you purchase them frozen they’ll actually come out to be a lot cheaper, and frozen produce can actually be more nutritious than regular produce because it’s allowed to fully ripen before it’s packaged.
A large challenge I faced during that first semester was lack of motivation. Now you may be one of those people that have an odd love for daily cardio at the gym…but if you’re like me, running on a treadmill every day can get pretty boring…and fast. So one thing I did was join one of my school’s intramural sports teams. Intramural sports are a wonderful way to stay active while receiving the perks of playing on a team, but without the large commitment of actually being on a school team. Another alternative to going to the gym could be taking full advantage of the athletic outlets your community has to offer. For example, the UofA hip-hop team offers drop-in dance classes a couple times a semester. These classes are usually $5, but they’re so much fun and a great workout too! Or you could also see what classes your school’s gym offers and the rates are usually very affordable.
College is a wonderful time to have fun and get to know yourself, but it’s also important to make sure that you’re taking care of yourself. Maintaining a healthy relationship with your body doesn’t have to be difficult or boring!

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