Healthy Eating Habits for the College Cafeteria

Some colleges offer a buffet type cafeteria for students living in the dorms. A variety of foods cooked and served to hungry students after a long day of classes, meetings, work and exercise. It is easy to over indulge. Something tasty catches your eye and before you know it your plate has more food on it then you intended. If you are working out a lot but overindulging during your meals, you aren’t going to see the results you want at the rate you want if you aren’t conscientious about what you are eating.
Here are some tips to help you through your dining hall meals:
1) Chose protein.
Chicken and turkey are probably the best meat proteins that you can add to your plate. They have little to no saturated fats and have 7 grams of protein per ounce. Protein is a great stomach filler without pounding on too many calories. Add it on top of a salad.
2) Vegetables and more vegetables.
Your parents have probably tried to get you to eat your vegetables every meal since you were a kid. College is not the time to skip out. Pile on corn, green beans and any other vegetables you can onto your plate. They are nutritious and filling and will maximize the effectiveness of your workouts by refueling your body.
3) Eggs.
Breakfast should never be skipped, ever. It fuels your metabolism, your brain and kick starts your functioning for the day. Eggs are full of nutrients and beneficial elements to your diet. Omelets packed with vegetables and spinach are a great option to start your day. Try not to add cheese to your omelet to minimize the amount of fats.
4) Water.
The liquid of life. It may be easy to fill up on glasses of endless soda offered for free in the cafeteria or dining hall but you are doing your body no favors. Drink as much water as you can before you eat to help keep you from overeating. Staying hydrated is extremely important to your healthiness. It flushes out toxins and can help keep you from getting sick.

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