Help When You Need It: An Overview of Student Services

A collage career can sometimes be overwhelming. Luckily, generations of students before you have felt the various stresses of college life and schools have long been aware of the many pressures. When things get to be a bit too much, check out what kind of student services your school offers and see if they can help you.

One of the services offered at many colleges is money advice to help students who are feeling the pinch. This service can provide you with information on grants and student loans, advice on budgeting and other tips to help you manage your funds. Beware of private banking institutions offering this same service. They know students need access to fast cash and are eager to sell financial products. Remember that what seems like a good deal at the time can result in hefty interest charges! Non-profit colleges aren’t trying to make money off their students’ debt so they are much more likely to give unbiased and helpful advice.

Grades slipping? Do some research to find help at your school for academic support. While many professors will offer office hours to help learners catch up, this may not give you the help you need. Tutors dedicated to working with you on your writing skills or study habits could be standing by at the academic help center. The academic counselors are often older students so you may find it easier to connect with them than with your teacher. It is also a less stressful situation when you know the person helping you has recently gone through the same struggles.

Is college life starting to get you down? Is your exam anxiety starting to creep into your social life? Mental health services are a staple on most campuses and are perhaps a life-saving service for many students. Many young people start feeling mental health difficulties in high school but the situation can be exasperated when they reach the pressures of post-secondary. Institutions. Don’t be afraid to admit to a councilor that you are having trouble coping. They are trained to be compassionate and will make sure your problems are heard.

Student services are often free or offered at a very nominal cost. You will likely be advised of the help available to you in your orientation package or on the college’s website. If you’re still unsure of what help is available, talk to your school administration. Remember that college life is stressful for everyone. The successful students are the ones who reach out when they need assistance and aren’t afraid to take advice from someone who’s been in their shoes before.

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