When you first head out for college visiting home will probably be the very last thing in your mind. All you will want to think about is all the new and great people you will meet, all the new things you will try and do and all the things you will learn that will get you closer to realizing your career ambitions.

Yet, before you know it, the time will come to decide to go visit home for the holidays or a long weekend. Depending on your home situation, as well as how your college experience may be going, you will decide what to do. While you are thinking about this try to keep a few thoughts in mind:

1. Your folks want to see you! College is usually a team effort on behalf of the entire family and for your benefit, so your family will probably be very curious to see you and hear you tell them everything about this new and amazing experience.
2. You may benefit from the down time. If college so far is turning out to be a rather intense experience then maybe you will benefit a bit of down time away from it all. This may help you reset and avoid any form of burn out later in the next term.
3. If you are considering staying (or you don’t have a choice but to stay) then be sure you make the best of it. You can catch up on some extra work while your dorm is unusually quiet, get some well needed quality rest and exercise, or take the opportunity to bond with a few new friends by cooking together or taking little field trips away from your usual places. Some students use the time to do independent study projects, research with faculty members or get a head start on the material for the following term.

Overall, school breaks are there for a reason since too much of a good thing is not necessarily a good. Use your breaks wisely and get refreshed to start the next term rested and reenergized. Remember, college is no sprint, it is an endurance marathon so pace yourself and take your well-deserved breaks when you can.

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