Honey: a DIY essential

Shea O’Donnell grew up in Rochester, New York; a short distance from where she is currently a student at Syracuse University. She is a Senior in the iSchool pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Information Management and Technology with a minor in Marketing. Shea recently studied abroad in London, England for a semester and will continue to reside there this summer. Shea is a member of Phi Sigma Sigma Fraternity at Syracuse and enjoys being active in Greek life on campus. She truly enjoys being engaged with the technological and social world; therefore, you can find her on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.



Honey has become one of the biggest internet sensations for DIY projects. From making a healthy, snack to adding it to a beauty routine, honey works wonders for many things. However, DIY can also mean a lot of failed attempts and wasted time. Therefore, I’ve narrowed it down to the three BEST ways to use honey for your time and money.


 Face wash:


            Honey is great for a face wash because it can be used on its own to moisturize and remove makeup. Make up remover and face wash can be expensive so if you have some honey laying around why not give this a try? Probably because you’re skeptical of putting a sticky substance on your face like I was, but trust me, your skin will thank you for using a natural product and you’ll be happy with your baby smooth skin.


Dampen your face with warm water, squeeze a bit of honey onto your fingertips, and massage your face taking care of the parts that need more moisture than others. When you’re ready to rinse it’s much easier to soak a washcloth in warm water to remove than splashing water all around your face and bathroom. Apply your normal moisturizer after if needed. Also, add a few drops of honey to a bath for a full body moisturizer.




I’m sure you’ve heard of putting honey in tea as a sugar substitute but adding honey to a hot drink can be very calming emotionally. My favorite is green tea and honey, a cup every morning and usually one more time throughout the day has worked for me. You can add honey to any type of tea though. Earl grey and chamomile are another couple suggestions. Switch your morning coffee to tea and honey and see if it has an effect on your stress level during the semester. If you do like this trick, stick to drinking it on weekend mornings when you’re hungover. Honey replenishes the liver and re hydrates you, which I’m sure will make you feel better on a Saturday afternoon.

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