Time management students

Hello! My name is Briana Evans and I am a junior at Morgan State University. I am studying to receive a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. Bowling, advertisements, and shoes are just a few passions of mine. College is not easy to endure, but I’m here to give some tips on how to survive!
When I arrived to college, the first thing most advisors and experienced students tell you about is being organized and managing your time well. These two things are the most IMPORTANT things you must master if you want to survive the crazy and sometimes stressful world of college. The easiest solution to both of these problems is to conquer both at the same time. I know that sounds hard but it’s pretty simple if you are equipped with the right tools.
Some tools I used to stay organized with my schoolwork are a planner, stapler, paperclips, Post-It notes, and a calendar. A planner and a calendar only helps if you write things down constantly. Just like a syllabus, a planner is your college bible; it is something that should be used every day. Once I get my syllabus from each class, I write down assignment dates, midterm dates, and final dates in my planner, along with my calendar. To cure procrastination, I write the due date of assignments at least two days before it is due. Giving myself two days before the actual due date allows me the time to re-read or redo my work in case any surprising and/or unfortunate mishaps come about. It also allows me time to complete any other assignments I have to do as well as managing my time with extracurricular activities.
Staplers and paperclips are valuable in keeping papers together. In case you do not have a folder, these two items can do the job as well. Losing papers is one of the worst things that could happen to a college student. You should always keep every paper that is given to you, even if you feel that it’s not important. That one paper you threw away could have hints or answers to your final exam! I also suggest clipping chapter notes together, just to separate them from each other. When notes are jumbled together, it becomes difficult to study effectively. Putting everything together saves time on trying to find things at the last minute. You could definitely spend that extra time catching an episode of Family Guy on Netflix.
Post-It notes can be used to write little reminders, such as the time of any organization meetings, practices, and games. Having a planner and a calendar may do the job, but sometimes we all may need that extra reminder because so many things are running through our brains. I’m very involved on my campus with being on the bowling team, involved in Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC), and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. Time and my memory do not often work well together so I write Post-It notes near my calendar as well as receive text messages from my friends 20 minutes before meeting times. I hate the feeling of missing something because I was not prepared to remember.
These tools have helped me to become an accomplished scholar and be very successful in my college career. I am thankful to the person who created these things because I would be unorganized and all over the place without them! Time and organization coincide together; if they are both accomplished, one can have more time to hang out and catch a movie with friends, rather than spend time trying to remember simple things.

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