How can you tell if someone likes you?

People flirt with each other every day, especially on a college campus. There are the stares and winks, and all of the obvious signals when knowing someone is digging you.
But, what if you simply cannot tell if someone finds you attractive? What if you think someone is checking you out, but you’re not quite sure. Maybe you’re confused because he or she approachs you, but it seems more like a friendly approach than as a flirty one
Well, there are some pretty basic ways to know if someone digs you.
If you’re a guy, a girl will most likely flip her hair and act kinda silly around you if she likes you. She may blush, she may talk loud, or she may touch your shoulder or hand. She usually will smile.
If you’re a girl, and a guy likes you, he’ll usually walk up to you, talk to you, smile at you, or ask for your number.
But, what if you are still unsure.
If you’re a guy, ask a girl out. If she says yes, she’s probably interested. Not really rocket science there.
If she says no, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s uninterested. She could be seeing someone else, too busy with school, or playing hard to get. By asking her out, she’ll know you’re interested, and if and when you decide to ask her out again, you might have better luck.
If you’re a girl, and a guy likes you, he doesn’t always necessarily ask you out. Some guys might look at you and assume you are out of their league, some might be broke and embarrassed that they can’t afford to take you out, or some might just be new to dating and not know what the heck they are doing. But, generally speaking, if a guy likes you, he’ll figure it out, suck it up, and ask you out.
The bottom line is, don’t spend too much time wondering or worrying if someone likes you. If they do, they do, and if they don’t, they weren’t worth your time anyways.

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