How Clean Are Your Makeup Brushes?

Can you remember the last time that you cleaned your makeup brushes? Was it one week, two weeks, maybe even a month ago? I was shocked to learn that we are supposed to clean our makeup brushes at least once a week. Cleaning them should be as much a part of your regular beauty routine as applying moisturizer. Each time we use one of our brushes on our face, tiny particles of dirt, oil, makeup and bacteria get trapped in the bristles. Then the next time you use that same brush those particles are getting transferred right back on to your skin, which leads to clogged pores and breakouts. Cleaning your makeup brushes regularly also helps the bristles last longer, which means you don’t have to replace your brushes as often.

Now I know how busy we all are and that adding one more thing to our weekly to-do list can seem downright overwhelming, but cleaning your makeup brushes is super quick and easy. Many makeup artists recommend buying a daily brush cleaner that you use apply after every use. All you do it spritz a towel, gently rub the brush and you are done. Unfortunately, this doesn’t get you out of having to do a deep cleaning on your brushes once a week. This takes some planning, because it can take a few hours for your brushes to dry, so I recommend doing it at the end of the day and letting them dry overnight. You can buy special brush cleaner at any beauty store. Start by running your brushes under lukewarm water to rinse off any residual makeup. Once the water starts to run clear, gently rub the bristles with the shampoo. Rinse again under lukewarm water until all of the shampoo is out. Then lay your brushes flat on a dry cloth. By morning they will be dry and ready to go!

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