Staying healthy in college

Andrea Sturdivant is a sweet and stylish young woman who is a 27 year old recent graduate from Ashford University in Clinton, Iowa. She holds a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications with a minor of Criminal Justice. Andrea currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina where she was born and raised. She is currently working as a part time retail Sales Associate for Macy’s and has been working for them for two years. Andrea’s favorite hobbies outside of work include writing poetry, plays, short stories, reading (kindle), shopping, and jogging. She enjoys writing articles on wide variety of stimulating topics especially topics of investigative journalism. Some of her favorite literature is Nicholas Spark, Langston Hughes, late Dr. Maya Angelou and William Shakespeare. In the spring of January 2015 Andrea is attending Carolina School of Broadcasting to further her knowledge of digital technology and to earn a certification of completion for
Digital Technology Media. 

Admit it.  You’re starting to feel sluggish and excessive weight gain of twelve to fifth teen pounds but don’t have any time to commit to stay healthy or even fit. We have all been there after an excruciating day of sitting through two to five hours of class, studying for tests and working on homework, working a part-time job on or off campus, attending club or organizational meetings and having chats or dinner with friends.

Now you may be thinking, “How will I be able to stay healthy and fit with an overworked schedule of classes and activities?” “What can I do to stay healthy?”  Perhaps you should establish a routine for your daily life.  Now I know this may sound predictable and boring, but establishing a routine for yourself will help you prioritize by having time to commit to staying healthy.

You may not know it but time management is an important factor in managing your time and establishing a routine for your daily life.  Have you ever wondered why executives, teachers or entrepreneurs always used a planner to prioritize their time throughout the day?  Having a planner is a great way to prioritize your time of scheduled activities, plans and important things to do during the day.  Keeping track of your routine fitness of cardio, weight-lighting, and jogging will keep you organize and help you stay fit and healthy without the thought of feeling sluggish.

Time after time you have always thought it would be very convenient to run down the street to the nearest Wendy’s, Burger King or local Chinese restaurant to grab a bite to eat without thinking about the consequences.  Have you ever thought the things that we eat can influence how we feel?  Imagine having a plate of tofu, brown rice and lima beans, now this may not sound appealing but these foods are high in fiber, low in fat and are a lot easier to digest because they won’t leave you feeling weighted down.  While eating healthy is an important factor choosing foods to help stabilize your mood and learning proper diets can be achieved by learning some nutrition basics and using them in a way that works for you.

Has there ever been a day where you weren’t totally stressed out to the max?  Now, you’re probably thinking, “yes and what can I do to relieve or manage such stressors that go on in my life?”  There are many ways you can manage or relieve stress but how can you relieve stress and try to maintain of staying healthy in college?  Did you know that meditation and yoga are not only great stress relievers to reduce stress they are great ways to maintain healthy and fit.  So you’re probably thinking, “How can meditation and yoga help me stay healthy when all I’m doing is stretching and meditating all day?”  Perhaps you’re right but meditation can help clear your mind by relieving pain, anxiety and stress.  Meditation can help you focus on teaching yourself how to cope with stress in your life and help your body fight chronic and joint pain, manage high-blood pressure and fight fatigue.  Now yoga may seem like it’s all about a one standard position but it actually encourages overall health and wellness as well as a healthy lifestyle.  Yoga helps build muscles and helps increases endurance, strength, and flexibility.

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