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Melody Stancato is an undergraduate student at the Academy of Art University, where she is studying Jewelry and Metal Arts. Her main goal is to become a jewelry designer after she graduates. Melody is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but is residing in San Francisco, California while attending school. When not taking classes and doing homework, Melody works for a fashion start-up in San Francisco called Stitch Fix. She also loves to be outdoors, read books, watch terrible sci-fi movies, and force love upon her cat.

Every morning you wake up and decide what you’re going to tell the world through your clothing. Who are you and what do you care about? Style comes from within; it is a part of your personality. You get to share a part of that everyday by what you choose to wear. Mine happens to be bohemian, comfortable, and artistic. Often the word flowy is used to describe my style. Flowing fabrics and loose cut tops are ubiquitous in my wardrobe. When I feel comfortable and free in what I am wearing, then I feel good and it exudes outwardly. Style is something fun and should be played with, by layering, adding a pop of color, or a fun texture. Comfort is key, but that doesn’t mean I sacrifice style.

Mixing prints is something that I love to do with my outfits. How about mixing floral and stripes? Go crazy and mix two animal prints together. Have a little fun and channel your inner child by getting creative.

As a jewelry design student I find that jewelry can pump up a simple jeans and tee outfit. Layer multiple necklaces and stack bracelets for a bohemian vibe; add a metal Peter Pan collar necklace and pearl studs for a preppy style; or a big rhinestone bling necklace and cocktail ring for a glam touch. Jewelry can change any outfit to fit one’s style.

It is also important to dress for your body type. Just because something is on-trend does not mean you have to wear it. If it will look bad on your body, then pass it up. Style is about having something flattering, not just following the trends. Personally, I find that I always like to play with proportions. If I wear a fitted bottom, I like to wear a looser, possibly oversized top to balance it out. And if I wear the baggier boyfriend jeans, or joggers, I like to wear a more fitted top. Or if I choose to wear a looser top, I tuck it in a little so I have more definition and it does not swallow my figure.

Another important factor about style is to always be true to yourself. I love mixing in trendier pieces with my favorites that are so me. Joggers are popular now, but if they’re not what you’re looking for try fitted leggings. Find ones with a drawstring, cuffed at the ankle, and faux leather accents to add in the trends without sacrificing your personal style.

Everyone needs to figure out what his or her style is. No one has to adhere to the fashion “rules” that someone set up decades ago. They are not laws or set in stone for us to follow exactly. Do not be afraid to mix navy and black or to wear white after Labor Day. After all, how do you think the It Girls, become style mavens and inspirations? They are true to themselves, get a little experimental, and bend the rules a bit.

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