Sharing relationship problems with friends

Alexa Johnson

Though were not supposed to kiss and tell, the majority of us do with at least one friend… or four. Hey, that’s what best friends are for right? The answer to that is both yes and no. Let’s understand why…

College is a time for making big decisions. Lots and lots of big decisions. And a boyfriend or girlfriend can sometimes influence you and your big decisions. One of the growing pains we all must suffer through during those four, wonderful years is the one where we learn to make decisions on our own.

Asking friends for their opinion on which ice cream to eat or which movie to watch is one thing, but surveying our friends on whether or not we should break up with our significant other is another. When it comes to deciding whether or not (or how) to make up, break up, meet the parents, do a lil somethin’ somethin’, you should always look to yourself.

If you’re freaking out about your guy’s party habits, or worried your girl is saying too much to her friends, it’s OK to get your friends’ opinions. It might calm you down, actually. We tend to freak out over the littlest things; things that an outsider would consider completely normal. Having our friends tell us there’s nothing to worry about is reassuring.

But big, drastic, relationship-changing decisions aren’t going to affect your besties. They’re going to affect you. Or make sure you’re comfortable living a life based off of what other people think.

So, what should you not give a darn sharing with your pals? How he bought you roses, chocolates, a Teddy and cooked your favorite pasta for Valentine’s Day. How your parents absolutely loved her and took her in as one of their own at the family picnic. All of these nice, pleasant, experiences that anyone would be happy to hear and compliment you on are more than fine to share!

Don’t make the mistake of telling every, little detail about your relationship to your friends. We all need to vent or want to brag sometimes, but use these precious college years to learn how to be comfortable with the uncomfortable feelings. If you only tell your friends the bad things because you need to vent, they probably aren’t going to even believe you when you share the good!

Relationships are special things and you don’t want yours to lose its lackluster because of your need to blab, do ya? What happens in the relationship, stays in the relationship!

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