Tips on landing a job

In the business world, international boarders seem like a thing of the past. With cross-Atlantic mergers, multi-cultural partnerships and global empires, companies are looking for employees who have worldly experience. You can help prepare yourself for the new international workplace by spending a semester studying in another country.

Your own college may already have programs to help you complete your degree at a foreign university or you can go online and find many organizations that will help you set up this experience for yourself. Here are three reasons why international studies can help you standout among the competition when you’re looking for your first job:

1. You are not afraid to try new things

Living in a new country, even for a few months, will open you up to many new experiences: some wonderful and some not so nice (frog sashimi comes to mind). Employers will see that you can withstand change, which is inevitable in most workplaces, and are willing to adapt to new environments.

2. You have knowledge of a potential market

A large company may be expanding into a new territory and will love to have staff with first-hand knowledge of that country’s culture. You can provide value with your knowledge of local attitudes and beliefs that will be essential for the company’s success.

3. You are independent

Heading to a new country alone takes a lot of courage and shows that you are able to figure things out for yourself. These days, companies tend to have leaner human resources departments and less middle management, so they look for new employees that can find their own way around without needing constant training and support.

Of course being an attractive job candidate is only one reason to take a semester studying abroad. The experience will be valuable for your own personal growth and may give you an opportunity that you may not have later in life. If travel can help you finish school and get a better job, consider that just a great bonus!

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