My experience in college life

My name is Caroline Wilson and I live in New York City as a Costume Production Assistant for Film, Television and Theater. I always knew that I wanted to do something with clothing design, especially period garments. I always considered myself a writer as well, and that’s probably why I became interested in the concept of designing for a character to help tell a story. I sewed for most of my life and my AP Art teacher allowed me to create my own independent study in high school to design costumes for a school play. During college I got a dual degree through a four-year program between two schools, since I couldn’t decide between a University or an Art School. a four-year program for college. I received my BS from The University of Wisconsin-Madison in Textile and Apparel Design and my AAS from the Fashion Institute of Technology in Apparel Design. While spending my senior year in New York City, I interned for the fashion designer Anna Sui and indie film companies. I did enjoy many aspects of the fashion world, but these internships solidified my dreams of Costume Design as a career instead unlike most of my classmates. As an intern I built connections which allowed me to get my first paid Costume Production Assistant jobs. I’ve been out of school for almost two years, and have worked on shows for networks such as NBC, ABC, WB, CBS, Fox, USA, Marvel, as well as indie films and a couple Broadway productions. I also run a fashion blog just for fun called Modern Romantic which allows me to stay connected with the fashion world. I write street style blogposts, do DIY videos, and cover fashion shows and events around the city. I look forward to building my career, joining the Costume Designer’s Guild in a few years, and doing more work in the period and fantasy genres of film!

College is simply nothing without friendships. You have to go out and make an effort to find the people that will help you to grow as a person. I promise you that no matter where you’re at, there’s at least a few awesome people around that will compliment your life if you can find them! I was lucky to be in a completely amazing dorm my freshman year at The University of Wisconsin-Madison. I became best friends with my nextdoor neighbor within a week, and made a lot of other very close friends in my building in a short time. I wasn’t interested in drinking at all back then, and was pleasantly surprised to find that so many in my dorm wanted to explore the campus and the “cheesy” but fun events for us freshman. I really enjoyed going to the free university concerts, having intense intellectual discussions, and doing athletic activities instead of partying. There came a point where I was spending too much time with the people in my dorm, as great as they were. We were doing the same thing every night and hanging out in our common room while we did homework, then going to eat together at the dining hall. I am both an introverted and extroverted person in different ways but one thing I do enjoy is meeting new people. I would look around at the thousands of people I passed on the campus everyday and want to know all of their stories! I eventually did go to parties towards the end of my freshman year, mostly out of curiosity to see what the big deal was. They were fun sometimes, but that is not where I met most of friends or grew as an individual. Besides my dorm, most of my friends from college are people I met through student organizations or my classes. Especially at a giant university setting it may seem like it is going to be hard to make friends. However, I can assure you based on my experience and that of others that if you join a student organization that falls in line with one of your hobbies, you will meet some wonderful people. I joined the student organization for Textile and Apparel Design majors in my program, and I was able to get to know the people in my classes better as well as those who were older than me. If you have a club like this for your program I highly suggest it, because you won’t only make friends- you will make industry connections for years to come! This is especially true when you’re networking and looking for jobs and want to reach out to successful alumni who are already established in the industry. Just make sure to give back when those younger than you need help someday too! I also joined the concert booking committee for my university, because I loved the indie music they kept booking and I was interested in how putting on a show worked. You don’t only have to join student organizations related to your major- college is a time to explore interests and also have fun! I am a singer on the side and didn’t have time for any music classes in my busy design schedule, but I did expect to meet people who wanted to make music for fun in this group. The club ended up being just mostly full of people who wanted to put on and attend shows, not make music, which was still awesome and I learned a lot while making some good friends. I also went to a creative writing group sometimes since I didn’t get to take many writing classes as a design major. I have a belief that to be a writer you don’t have to major in it! This group was very entertaining with their unique writing excursuses. I enjoyed how different everyone’s writing styles and subjects were. I truly hope that you have an amazing experience in college wherever you meet your friends. Only good can come if you join student groups to further any interests you have whether they are related to your major or something random! You will be doing something amazing that you love, as well as meeting like-minded and passionate people that could end up being your best friends!

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