Job in Homeland Security

Those who work in homeland security have the mission to protect the country against the many threats it faces. These threats could be natural or human created. People employed in homeland security mainly focuses on any terrorist threats against the country and deal with it within the country. For those who wish to play a role in the protection of the United States, you may want to have a career in homeland security. There is a certain way to apply for a job in homeland security.
• Determine which job you wish to pursue. The department of homeland security has a variety of fields a person can choose from. In order to even apply for a job, you must be a United States citizen and also have a success completion of drug screening and a full background check. They reason for all these clearances are due to the sensitive information you may have to handle during your career. Also, depending on your position, you will need to meet certain criteria that are not usually required from other workers in other workforces. The application process might also take longer than usual so don’t be surprised if there is a longer waiting period before you are offered a position.
You can have a career in various fields. For example, those who are interested in human resources, science and technology, medical, and intelligence may want to apply for mission support. Those who wish to protect heads of state, politicians, or secure the country’s borders to enforce immigration laws might want to delve into law enforcement. Immigration and travel security will deal with the country’s transportation systems and also the overseeing of lawful immigration. Another field of interest would be prevention and response. Those in prevention and response are people who will protect the public and work to mitigate or reduce causalities and protect the country against dangers such as terrorism.
• Apply for the job of your choice. In order to apply for a job in homeland security, you will need to head over to and follow the instructions in the “How to Apply” section. Make sure that you provide as much detailed information as possible. Also double check what formal documents you will need to hand in with your application. Lastly, keep on top when the due date is for your application. You don’t want to hand in your application after the deadline. You can also post your resume online at if you create an account with the site.
• Get interviewed. If you are selected as one of the qualified candidates, you will be asked to conduct an interview with a hiring official or supervisor. This interview can occur over the phone or in person depending on your location. There can be some cases where a person is hired based solely on his application. After your interview, if you are still qualified you will be required to go through a series of other reviews with other specialists. This screening process is to see if you will meet the basic requirements for the position.

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