How to Apply Nail Polish

My name is Erica Ng and I am currently attending McGill University.

When you apply nail polish, it’s not just about choosing the right colour. It’s also about the application method you used and the way you take care of your nails. However, some people do not realize that and they just slather nail polish onto their fingernails. This can cause your nail polish to chip easily and it can even ruin your nails’ health. Therefore, we’ve provided you with the following steps to help you out.

Clean your nails. The first thing you want to do is to wash your hands with soap to get rid of any germs or residue you may have acquired throughout the day. Afterwards, you should take a small basin and fill it with lukewarm water. Squeeze a few drops of hand soap in the basin and mix it around. Then, soak your hands into the basin for five to ten minutes. Once you’re done, dry your hands off. If you’re doing your nails where you cannot access a basin and water, simply use nail polish remover to clean your nails and the cuticles.

Apply a base coat. If you want your nail polish to last long, having a clear base coat is key to this. More importantly, there are a lot of chemicals in nail polish. Therefore, the base coat reduces the amount of chemicals that your nails may absorb from the nail polish, which gives you healthy nails. Once you’ve applied a base coat, wait for it to dry.

Apply your first layer. It depends on how opaque you want your nail polish to be, but the first thing you should do is to apply one layer to each of your nails once your base coat has dried. Afterwards, wait for the first coat to dry. When you apply nail polish, you should put a stroke of colour in the middle, one to the far left, and another one to the far right. Then, you fill in the spaces in between. Do not touch your nails for the first 10 minutes or do anything to it because you’ll smudge your nail polish or small bubbles will form later on. Continue to apply each layer with intervals that allow it to dry in between for the opaqueness that you desire.

Apply a top coat. This part is optional, but it can prolong the life of your nail polish further if you do it as it offers a layer of protection. Once your layers of nail polish has dried completely, apply one layer of top coat to each layer. Later, wait for that to dry and you’re done!

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