Nursing Degree Program

If you are planning on applying to nursing school to get an associate’s degree, follow these few simple steps to make sure you are keeping up with everything you need to get your application finalized promptly. Your future school’s website may also have a checklist you can follow throughout the application process.

Submit the Application

If you’ve already researched schools, you may have a short list of different programs you would be interested in attending. The next step is to submit the application to these institutions. Most schools now require you to pay an application fee when sending in your documentation, so make sure you can cover these payments. Occasionally you can get waivers so that you don’t have to pay these costs, but they are only available if you meet certain requirements. You can usually find the application online on the schools’ websites. You can download the PDF, print it out, fill out all the information, and mail it in. Alternatively, some schools are now offering electronic applications that you can fill out directly on the website. The applications ask general questions about your personal information and also ask about your experience in high school (or at your previous postsecondary institution) and at work.

Send in Transcripts

The next step is to obtain all your previous transcripts. If you only went to one high school and are now applying straight to nursing school, this process will be fairly straightforward. However, if you went to multiple high schools and/or were at a previous college before applying to nursing school, you will have to track down multiple transcripts. You can do so by calling the institutions and having the documents faxed straight to your new college. Or, you can go pick up paper copies and mail them in yourself. Depending on where you apply, you may need to send in other documentation as well, such as a short essay or teacher recommendations.

Take Placement Tests

You may have already done so at this point in the game, but if not, you will need to do so before your application can be considered complete. A lot of people take the ACT or ACCUPLACER tests. A lot of institutions list required entrance scores – the minimum level you will need to meet on these examinations to be granted acceptance to the schools of your choice. Both tests have three main sections – English, Reading, and Math. You may not have to have the same minimum score in all areas. For example, you may be required to score higher on English than on Math, but it depends on the institution. The minimum scores you need to have will also be dependent on the reputation and competitiveness of the school to which you are applying. More prestigious schools that receive more applications
tend to have higher entrance scores.

Take the Final Steps

At the end of all this, there may be some loose ends you have to tie up before the process is complete. For example, you might meet with an advisor to discuss your course list and an ideal schedule. You might have to complete a background check, get certain vaccinations or shots from the health center, or submit updated transcripts after the current semester is over (if you are currently in school).


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