How to Apply to Locksmith School


Follow these four simple steps to easily and efficiently prepare for class at any type of locksmith school.

  1. Fill out an application

No matter where you choose to go to school, you will have to fill out some type of application form. In some cases this is an application in the traditional sense of the word, and in other cases it is just for purposes of enrollment. Some institutions are more rigorous or more competitive, and you will have to apply in order to be accepted into the program. Other institutions, especially virtual schools offering online degrees, simply require you to sign up and pay your tuition before you can start taking class. In the latter case, the forms are likely to be fairly simple – mostly contact and payment information, as well as some other basic personal details. However, if you have to apply for acceptance, the application might ask you some other questions as well, such as those pertaining to your high school or previous college grades, your work experience, or your extracurricular activities. Regardless, you will probably be able to fill out your application online. Most schools provide a link on their website that allows you to complete and submit for consideration all of your information electronically.

  1. Submit miscellaneous documentation

Some schools, especially the more competitive ones, will also ask you for additional documentation. This might include high school or college transcripts, recommendations from former teachers or employers, or standardized test scores (although this last one is less likely for locksmith school). You may, however, be asked to take a test verifying that you know basic math skills or are proficient in English. For locksmith programs in particular you may be asked to submit something called a CORI Report to ensure that you will be employable after graduation. Other potential documentation includes a resume and a statement of purpose (a short explanation of why you want to attend that school). If you have chosen to attend an online school that simply asks you to enroll, you can probably skip this step and start signing up for classes immediately.

  1. Research financial aid options

Although the cost of your education will vary considerably by school, chances are that none of them will be free! Start preparing for the possibility that you will not be able to afford school on your own by discussing your financial aid options with a school counselor or advisor. Some schools offer scholarships, and employees in this office can help you fill out the necessary forms to get help from the federal and/or state government. At the very least, someone from the institution should be able to help you figure out a doable payment plan so that you can afford tuition over time without breaking the bank.

  1. Take the final steps

In order to be prepared for class, you may want to schedule a tour of campus or attend an information session on your program. Such activities can provide you with valuable information that will be useful to have before the first day of class. You might also want to introduce yourself to your teachers and make sure you purchase all books and other materials in advance so that you are prepared.


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