How to Avoid Gaining Weight on a Study Abroad

Studying abroad provides the perfect opportunity to try delectable chocolates, pastries, and other tasty treats that you won’t find in the United States. But no one wants to come home only to find that those outfits you wore several months ago no longer fit. How then, can you balance your new cravings to try these treats while making sure that you don’t gain those dreaded pounds? Here are some tips:

1. Walk as often as possible

You will most likely not have access to a car, which may give you more opportunities to travel on foot. Fortunately, most cities in Europe and other places are ideal walking cities. Instead of taking public transportation, opt to walk for certain destinations. In addition to keeping those pounds off, you will get to know your city better, as well as discover new and exciting shops and restaurants.

2. Limit yourself to one treat a week

There is certainly no reason not to try the famous Italian gelatos or the notable Austrian pastries. But these treats will be even more sumptuous if you establish certain limits. You can even think of rewarding yourself for finishing a paper or project with a treat you have been craving.
3. Carry water with you daily.

As mentioned in a previous post, water fountains are not nearly as common abroad as they are in the United States. Drinking water constantly is not only a healthy practice, but can also help you feel full without needing to eat constantly.

4. If possible, shop at a local grocery store

Eating at restaurants frequently will lighten your wallet and give you far less control over what you are eating. Grocery shopping can give you more access to fruits and vegetables, and other healthy foods that can satisfy your appetite.

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