Beauty School Graduate

So you’ve graduated from beauty school. Or maybe you haven’t, and you’re just thinking ahead. You probably want to be successful in your career, and you might be asking yourself some questions. Does my success in beauty school predict how well I will perform at a professional level? Do I need the same skills? What else should I know to do well in a beauty services environment? You can definitely, at least in part, predict your success based on how well you performed in school. If you are a creative person who’s dedicated and organized, you probably did well in school. These same skills will help you succeed after you get hired by a salon or other company. There are some other assets, however, that you might not have spent as much time building up while you were studying, but will play a crucial role in your professional success.

Customer Service Skills

Depending on where you go to school, you may take some communication classes, which can help you develop your interpersonal skills. You’ll also have an opportunity to practice relating to other students and being friendly and personal. But for the most part, you’ll learn a lot of your customer service abilities on the job in your early days at a company. Some people are naturally better in this area than others. Think about a time when you’ve gotten a haircut or your nails done, for example. Was your stylist talkative and did he or she ask you a lot of questions? Were you happy for the conversation, or would you prefer to sit in silence? Was your stylist able to perceive your preferences and adjust his or her chattiness level accordingly? If you want to retain clients, you’ll need to be very perceptive. You should always be friendly and pleasant, but you also don’t want to overwhelm a shy customer with too many personal stories and jokes. Cater your temperament to your clients, always do your best to accommodate their wishes, and go above and beyond when providing your services. If you can check all these boxes, you’ll likely develop a long list of repeat customers!

Listening Skills

Some people come in to get their hair done, or to get their makeup done for a special event, or to get a nail treatment, and know exactly what they want. They have a list of specifications and have brought in pictures as examples. But other people come in and make statements like, “I want something different. I’m bored with my hair. What do you think?” Or, “I need to get my makeup done for my wedding day and want something classic and not overly done. Any suggestions?” Regardless of how much instruction you are given, you should pay careful attention to your clients and ask questions if necessary to find out more about their individual style. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification or take the initiative to pull up examples for yourself. This is called “active listening,” and can go a long way in making sure your customers get the exact result they are looking for. When clients see themselves in the mirror and say, “Perfect! Exactly what I was going for,” you can practically be guaranteed that when they need something else done, they’ll give you a call.


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