How to Become a Choreographer

Are you passionate about dance? Do you enjoy creating dance numbers to your favorite songs? Do you watch dance routines and constantly think about the differences you would have had if you had been in charge of the choreography? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then perhaps you should pursue a career in choreography.
What is a choreographer exactly? A choreographer is someone who creates dance or movement sequences for performers. This sequence can be for different events including: television, film, theater, music videos, or certain public events. Also, choreography is not limited to just dancing, many choreographers also create movement sequences for actors in films.
In order to become a choreographer, there are certain entry requirements you will need. The utmost important requirement is a copious amount of training and dance experiences. Most choreographers are or were professional dancers prior to their current career. While formal education such as a bachelor’s degree is not necessarily required, it does help you in this path and will give you the experience and education you need to cover all your bases in dance. There are an assortment of universities, colleges, and vocational schools that specialize in different types of degrees for dance. Taking those courses will help you in the future as you plan your career as a choreographer. Most dancers begin their training at a young age and will go to a specialized school for dance. Having a degree or diploma from an accredited dance school can help get your foot in the door to gain more professional experience.
There are some other important and crucial steps you should consider to take if you wish to become a choreographer. Becoming an assistant or apprentice under an establish choreographer will not only give you the field experience, it will also give you a mentor who can guide you towards the right path. To become an apprentice or assistant choreographer is not something that can be easily or immediately done. You will need to have displayed an adequate amount of experience and also display that you can lead other dancers during a performance or rehearsal.
Those who are interested in becoming a choreographer must realize that this is a very time consuming career. You will need to be flexible with your hours since certain productions may vary in times. A choreographer’s work schedule may be long and grueling because you will need to be there for rehearsals and also for the performance itself. The ability to travel may also become a requirement so you will have to find a balance between your work and personal life. The environment of a choreographer does not seem to vary too often. They usually work in dance studios or in a rehearsal space, but there will be times where a choreographer is need on set.
Besides the dance experience and self-motivation, becoming a choreographer depends on the person’s drive and passion. If you wish to have a career in choreography, you will need to assess if you have the skills necessary to achieve a successful career.

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