How to Become a Dietician

What is a dietitian?
A dietician is a professional who assists people in achieving a healthier lifestyle and prevention of diseases. With knowledge and education of the body and nutrition, dietitians are able to create food programs suitable for each individual they meet. Besides creating food plans, dietitians also counsel clients and conduct research on their behalf to make sure all their needs are met.
What are the educational requirements to become a dietitian?
Those who are interested in a career as a dietitian will have to prepare themselves for intense studying and courses in science and nutrition. Everyone who wants to be a nutritionist or dietitian will need a bachelor’s degree in science or related field. There are some occupations that will require the applicant to have a master’s degree or even a Ph.D. or M.D. as well. So it is safe to say that the higher the education level the better your chances are at getting the position.\
When in school, you should and will want to focus on taking courses that focus on science, the body, anatomy, and of course nutrition. You need to understand know how all these things relate to each other and how each affects the body. Also taking these classes will give you opportunities to earn on field experience through internships or mentor programs.
What type of experience do I need before becoming a full-fledged dietitian?
Besides your college and high education experience, you will also need to have some years of field experience until you are able to call yourself a certified dietitian. Many positions require that a potential dietitian have more than five years of experience. You can achieve this experience through internships or even through specialized training at the potential organization or employer.
What are some of the work activities I will experience?
When it comes to being a dietitian, you will have certain job responsibilities to execute. You will have to communicate with your superior and co-workers. You will also need to establish relationships with your fellow employees and potential clients (even if you are not going to be working directly them during the time). You may have to assist other dietitians with their duties until you are promoted to a full-time dietitian yourself. Also at times you will be the one training new employees and teaching them what they will need to know.
What is the salary of a dietitian?
According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual median average of a dietitian is $55,240. Of course the salaries can vary but this is the general average for most dietitians. Those who are self-employed or have their own practices can be paid more.
Should I be a dietitian?
Those who are passionate about helping people and about nutrition are great candidates to have a career in this field. While there will be extensive studying, the hard work will pay off when you see how you are helping people change their life with the knowledge you possess. Study hard and you can have a great career as a dietitian.

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