How to Become a Personal Assistant

What is a personal assistant?
A personal assistant is a professional who works in an office setting and usually works for one employer. It is the assistant’s responsibility and duty to provide not only clerical support but also many administrative responsibilities. If you wish to become a personal assistant, there will be many hats you will have to wear. Your employer is reliant on you to make sure all the tasks given to you are not only executed, but executed well.
Who should not be a personal assistant?
Those who cannot handle stress, administrative and clerical responsibilities should not consider a career as a personal assistant. You should also consider how well you can multi-task. There will often be times where you will need to do more than one task at a considerably fast pace. This can lead to stressful situations where you can become frazzled and unsure of how well you complete your tasks. Also, you will need to be extremely organized in this position. Not only will you be worrying and dealing with your own scheduling, you will need to be in the know of your employer’s position as well. Too many flubs in overbooking or missed appointments can lead to termination.
What are the duties of a personal assistant?
As a personal assistant you will many duties and tasks. Some of your daily responsibilities may be: screening and answering phone calls, scheduling and making appointments, writing and answering emails, schedule meetings, going to a meeting in place of your employer and taking notes, and even planning certain office events. You may even be tasked with even more responsibility when your employer is away since you will stand in his place during his absence and make even have to do some of his tasks such as writing reports or supervising the rest of the staff.
What are the educational requirements for a personal assistant?
There are not many educational requirements when it comes to having a career as a personal assistant. If you are a high school graduate, or earned an associate’s degree, you can apply for a position as a personal assistant. You are not required to have a bachelor’s degree for this career. However, if you wish to one day proceed further in your career and perhaps take the position of your employer in the future, you may be required to have a college degree. There may be some courses you will need to take in computer programs when you do get a position as a personal assistant. The training course can and may take a week to complete until you are comfortable with the program.
Always remember that in any career you will need to grow and growing comes from learning. If during any time in your career there are optional learning programs being offered, it is recommended you should take these classes to advance your knowledge so you can fulfill your duties as efficiently and as succinctly as possible. Never stop learning and you will advance far in your career.

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