How to Become a Production Assistant

Those who are interested in becoming a production assistant usually wish to advance in their career and eventually become a producer. However, before you become a producer, you must take the necessary time and earn experience before earning that title. Many production assistants work in either television or film. It is a profession that those who are interested in directing and producing look to obtain. Keep reading in order to find out how you can become a production assistant.
What are the educational requirements to become a production assistant?
Many who are interested in working in the film or television industry can express their interest early on in high school. You can begin the early stages of your career while still in high school by gaining experience in school productions or films. This will allow you to get an understanding of what the process and what it truly takes to make a film or production. If there is an elective class that is focused on film or production, it is highly suggested you take it get a general understanding of what you will be dealing with in your career.
In order to become a production assistant you must earn your bachelor’s degree in the related field. Those who major in theater, communications, English, television and/or film production are great candidates for this position. While working towards your bachelor’s degree you will take classes that will focus on the history of film and television, production, and also filmmaking. Those who major in film and production will go into more detail about the specifics that are involved with creating a show or film.
Besides having a bachelor’s degree, it is also very valuable if you have work experience as well. This work experience can come from internships or working on student films. Those who intern work for television stations or production companies and get a feel for what the business is really like. Not only does interning provide you college credit, it also allows you to have some work experience you can put on your resume.
What is the career outlook for a production assistant?
As stated above, those who are interested in becoming a production assistant usually want to push their career and eventually become a producer. This means that most production assisting jobs are usually short-term and don’t have benefits. The lifespan of a production assistant job typically depends on how long the production lasts and what type of production it is. Typically, the most lasting positions are returning television series that are extremely successful. While the job may not last as long as you wish it to be, doing a stellar job performance can work to your benefit. Not only will you be able to build your resume, you will also be able to increase your opportunities and build your connections. So this profession may take some time to build, but those who persevere can find that they can create a very successful career.

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