How to Become a Rehabilitation Counselor

What is a rehabilitation counselor?
A rehabilitation counselor is a professional who will help clients with certain emotional and physical disabilities to live independent lives. These counselors must aid clients in overcoming or managing the effects that their disabilities cause. Most of these effects cause individuals to become reliant on others for their daily needs. This can damage not only their psyche but also the relationships they have with others. Without the help of rehabilitation counselors, these people would not be able to work or live independently.
What training or education requirements will I need?
In order to begin your career as a rehabilitation counselor, you will have to undergo extensive schooling and also many hours of field study. While earning your bachelor’s degree, it will be beneficial for you to take classes that will enrich your skills for your future career. Most employers require that those who are interested in this career to have a master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling or a related field. However, if you are interested in earning some field experience, employers do accept a bachelor’s degree while you work on your master’s degree program.
In your program, you will learn and be trained in how to evaluate clients, becoming perceptive and understanding of both the medical and psychological aspects of many disabilities, and how to critically think and implement certain methods and strategies when the job calls for it. As mentioned before, you will need many hours of field work and in order to obtain these hours you will be required to train in an internship where you will be supervised by a licensed rehabilitation counselor.
After your education requirements you will then need to become certified, licensed, and registered. Depending on your state, the requirements will be different for each one. Make sure to do your research and know exactly what your state requires of you. For example, some rehabilitation counselors may not need to have a state license and other may require less hours of supervised field experience. In addition to licensing and field work, some states will require you to be certified by the Certified Rehabilitation Counselors (CRC). In order to become certified by the CRC, you will need to meet all the education requirements, supervised field requirements, and also pass their test. Once certified, you will have to renew your certification by retaking the test after a certain amount of time has passed.
Who should become a rehabilitation counselor?
Not everyone can be a rehabilitation counselor. It can be very tedious work for those who cannot handle the stress and pressure of working with people who physical and/or emotional disabilities. The hours may be long and you may come home tired from physically rehabbing another person’s body and psyche. The journey is to become a rehabilitation counselor is also long as well. There will be many hours of studying and work experience and you must prepare yourself for this journey as well. This career is best suited for those who thoroughly enjoy helping others and take satisfaction I knowing they are making somebody’s life better.

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