How to Become a Securities Trader

What is a securities trader?
A securities trader, or commonly known as a stock trader is a person who purchases and sells stocks and other securities. They can also advise and develop financial plans for their clients based on the information given in their clients’ portfolios.
What are the educational requirements to become a securities trader?
In order to even gain access to an entry-level job, you will be required to earn a bachelor’s degree. Many students should focus on fields such as business, finance, accounting, or economics. In these majors, you will take classes such as accounting and marketing. It is also recommended that you should take your time and work as an intern to gain some work experience. There are times when you can even be hired into a paying position if you impress your superior.
While it is necessary to earn a bachelor’s degree, for those who wish to advance in their career, you will be required to earn a master’s degree. In order to have any chance in obtaining a higher-level position with better pay, you will need to enroll in a master’s program. Of course there are some people who can advance without earning a master’s but you can’t leave your career to chance. You must do all that you can to ensure you have done all in your power to advance in your career.
What are some other requirements needed to become a securities trader?
In order to work as a broker or trader, you must obtain a license. This can be done with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). You will need to pass a series of exams in order to earn your license. Besides being licensed by FINRA, you will also be required to be licensed to sell certain investment products and services. You may also need a license depending on which specialization you work in. As with FINRA, you will get these licenses by passing exams.
Besides licensing, there are also certifications you can earn as well. This certification is something that is highly recommended by employers. You can earn your certification and become a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). In order to get this certification, you must have a bachelor’s degree or have at least four years of related work experience, and also pass three exams. These exams can be taken while you are earning your required work experience and usually take hundreds of hours of independent study.
What other training is needed to become a securities trader?
Besides certification and licensing, you must also have on the job training. This training will provide you the knowledge and information on the products and services that are being offered to the public. They also must keep up to date with current and new products and services. Often times they will have to attend conferences and seminars regularly. It is ideal with all this training that you also get your international passport as you may need to travel abroad for some of these conferences.

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