How to Become a Web Designer

A web designer is someone who develops and creates websites. They have the ability to modify any aspect of the website including graphics and content. A web designer can work different industries and can also freelance as well. Those who enjoy being creative but also love the world of coding may find that a career of web design to be fulfilling and rewarding. Depending on whom you work for your educational requirements may vary. Keep reading to see what being a web designer is all about.
What are the educational requirements for a web designer?
The educational requirements can vary for a web designer. There are some entry-level jobs that you can apply for if you have an associate’s degree however, a bachelor’s degree can give applicants more job opportunities and a better career advancement. It will be ideal for those who have an associate’s degree to eventually take the time earn a bachelor’s degree if they do wish to further advance down the road in their web design career.
Those who decide to earn an associate’s degree will have to complete a two year program. This program will provide a basic foundation in design and the technical aspects of what it takes to create a website. You will learn certain web skills and also work on building a professional portfolio that will help you during your search of employment. Some topics that are usually covered in an associate’s program are: animation, content management, editing, basic web design, and also the fundamentals of design imaging.
If you decide to pursue a bachelor’s degree in web design, you will learn more advanced skills such as: webpage scripting, programming, multimedia design, databases, digital imaging, and web development. Not only will you learn more intricate and technical skills in your bachelor’s degree program, you will also develop artistic and creative abilities that will only strengthen your technical skills.
Either program will be beneficial for you if you decide to pursue a career in web design. While an associate’s program will give you a base foundation for web design, it can still get your foot in the door towards your web design career. A bachelor’s degree on the other hand will give you more advanced skills but will take long to complete. However, once completed, you may have better job opportunities because of the advanced technology you learned in the program.
What are some the duties of a web designer?
A web designer is in charge of all aspects of creating the website. After meeting with clients and discussing the client’s wants and needs for the website they will help and create the final product. Some duties may include: writing and/or editing the content, creating an aesthetically looking but functional webpage, understanding and fulfilling the technical requirements of the page, resolving any code issues, and creating a backup of the coding just in case something happens to website. Along with these responsibilities you will also be responsible for keeping on top of new technologies and making sure you stay relevant in your field.

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