How to Become an Animator

Are you creative? Do you love looking at animation, special effects, or art? Then perhaps you should have a career in animation. While animation is a fairly new career path, it has its opportunities and ability for career growth. As an animator, you will have the chance to work in different mediums, including but not limited to: television, film, computers, and video games. You will draw by hand or use computer software to create a set of pictures that will combined together to create animated images.
What are the educational requirements to become an animator?
In order to have a career in animation, you will need your bachelor’s degree and also postsecondary education and training in design or art. Unless you are truly naturally gifted, you will need to undergo formal training in order to hone your drawing skills. When you are in your undergraduate career, it is best to opt for a bachelor’s program in fine art of animation, so make sure the school you decide to enroll in has a major in this field. You will have courses that focus on both 2D and 3D animations and also allow you to hone your drawing skills and also your computer skills in certain animation programs. It also doesn’t hurt to take one or two classes in computer science as you will be working with this medium a lot in this career.
Enrolling in internships and work-study programs is another great way to earn experience. When you are in an internship, you will be working closely with those who are already established in the field and they will give you the hands on experience needed to fill your portfolio for your career. While it can be frustrating to not be paid initially for your work, the amount of experience you will receive is priceless. If there is a chance for you to take more than one internship, then by all means do so, the more experience the better for you. Even if you volunteer your skills for local businesses or groups, you are still honing your craft and getting great experience that you can use as examples in your portfolio.
What else do I need to become an animator?
Since the field of animation is very competitive, you will need a portfolio to help you stand out from the crowd. Don’t be discouraged if it’s small initially, everyone has to start somewhere. It’s just extremely important that you keep it updated with every project you’ve worked on. Keep it neat and organized and also to make to include the following this. Have your portfolio include a brief bio about yourself, as this will help distinguish who you are, you can include a headshot if you wish. Also include examples of your work. This is the prime opportunity for you to display and highlight your skills and crowning achievements. There’s no point in listing that you worked for a major studio if you do not have the work to prove it. Also be sure to include your resume and also contact information.

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