How to Become an Information Security Analyst

Are you good with computers? Do you understand with ease how digital networks work? If so, perhaps you should consider pursuing a career as an information security analyst. Are you unsure what an information security analyst is? Professionals in this field work with a team to develop and create protection and security for an organization’s databases. What this means is that these databases with sensitive files such as client information, financial transactions, and records are protected against cyber attacks. Information security analysts can also work to prevent certain crises from occurring.
What qualifications do you need to have if you want to be an information security analyst? Besides a passion for computers, there are also certain education requirements you will need. Many if not all information security analysts will need a bachelor’s degree in the related field, such as computer science or programming. They should also have knowledge in certain subjects such as cryptography, and different programming languages. The ability to work in a high pressure situation is also important. The team is important for protecting sensitive information and must do all they can to save it from any threats or attacks. Some people cannot handle that type of pressure, so being able to understand that this is part of the job description is important as well.
What are the responsibilities of an information security analyst? Besides creating security measures for an organization’s databases, there are other responsibilities and position a security analyst can hold. They can work for computer companies, financial institutions, or consulting firms. In these companies, they may monitor networks and databases to trace or look for security breaches. Some analysts may be responsible for neutralizing threats as they occur while others document and record the event and the source of the breach. Information security analysts can also assess their client’s network, pinpoint the weak points and from there, develop and create a security system that would be ideal and fit the needs of the company.
Should you pursue a career in this field? Besides working in a career you are passionate about, information security analysts do get paid well. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, they earn an average salary of $86,170. This career also allows you to have a healthy lifestyle, with the ability to balance work and personal lives, and it also has benefits that would complement you and your family.

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