How to Become an Investment Banker

How to Become an Investment Banker?
What is an investment banker?
There are many people who are unsure as to what an investment banker is. An investment banker is a person who works to raise capital (money) for companies, the government, or other organizations. They can also provide their services to clients and give certain advice when it comes to specific transactions.
What are the educational requirements to become an investment banker?
Those who are interested in this career must at the minimum earn their bachelor’s degree. This degree should be focused in certain majors such as finance, business, accounting, or economics. In your classes you will learn important information such as marketing and accounting. As you are completing your college education, it is highly recommended that you take an internship. This will not only provide you work experience, but it can potentially reward you a job if you do well. This job can provide you the many hours of work experience you will later need to become licensed.
As an investment banker, you will want to earn your master’s degree. You can earn your master’s while working and earning your work experience. Those with a master’s degree will advance in their career and ultimately earn more pay. Your master’s degree will need to come from a reputable institution.
What are the other requirements needed to become an investment banker?
Those in the investment banking industry are very well paid and successful people. However it did take them some time to get to the position they currently hold. One of the first things you will need to do is obtain a license. You will need to pass a series of exams given by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Along with being licensed by FINRA, you may also need to be licensed in other fields as well. Certain services and products require you to be licensed and you must take the necessary steps to acquire the appropriate licensing.
You may also need to be certified as well. While it’s not always necessary, it is something that is recommended by employers. Being certified means you display you are competent in what you do. In order to become certified, you must fulfill all the necessary requirements. You must have a bachelor’s degree, over four years of work experience, and also pass three exams provided by a CFA institution. The exams can be taken while you are earning your work experience but will require many hours of independent study.
It is also recommended that you get your passport. You may be required to travel for certain conferences and seminars. These conferences and seminars are important to advance your learning when there are new services or products being introduced by your employer. This training will help you stay current and also build your reputation as a reliable investment banker who takes the time to continue to learn about new products and services. In the financial world, your reputation will precede you so you must always put your best foot forward.

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