How to be an office administrator

Those who enjoy working in an office setting with computers and peers may want to look into a career in the field of office administration. Some people may think this career is too simple or easy however when you go into deeper detail, you will see that this career entails much detail and a lot of work. Those in office administration have a number of responsibilities including planning, directing, and coordinating projects and services for the particular company they are working for. If you are interested in having a career in office administration, then keep reading.
What are the education requirements to become an office administrator?
When it comes to the education requirement for this career, there are plenty of people who have begun with just a high school diploma or a General Education Development (GED) diploma. However that being said, there are many people who have also begun their career as an office administrator with a bachelor’s degree. Generally if you wish to start your career right away, you could do so with just your high school diploma. You should consider pursuing your college or associate’s degree while working as it can help broaden your knowledge and experience in your career.
What are some of the work responsibilities?
As an office administrator, you can and may have several work responsibilities. You will need to be computer literate and know how to sufficiently operate the certain computer systems your company uses. Also, you will need to keep in communication with your co-workers, superiors, and also clients and keep them up-to-date on the tasks you have completed and what you are pursuing next. There are also some miscellaneous responsibilities as well such as filing, data entry, and other clerical work that will keep the company organized.
What are some skills you should possess for this career?
Like any other career, there are certain skillsets that will make you a more ideal candidate than others. When it comes to office administration, there are certain skills you should definitely have before you consider this career. The first is computer literacy and the ability to pick up new technology quickly. If you type slow or don’t know how to access or navigate a computer system, this is not likely going to be a career you will want to pursue or enjoy.
Besides computer literacy, there are other skills that should be considered as well. Do you get along working with other people or do you prefer to work alone? At times you will need to work with others and put your differences aside to make sure the project or event runs as smoothly as possible.
Communication skills are also extremely important. You will need to display excellent communication skills in both oral and written expression. Being able to deliver concise and clear instructions or objectives will give you less of a chance to have misunderstanding or confusion. Also being able to comprehend what others tell you is extremely important as well. You must be able to receive and give communication in order to be successful.

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