College schedule

My name is Larissa Garza and I’m a sophomore at Arizona State University studying journalism and mass communications at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. One of the most important things you can do during your college career each semester is getting the most beneficial schedule for you. Maybe you work, or you’re involved in extra-curricular activities, the main goal is to not overwhelm yourself but to get the most out of your schedule. For me, the most beneficial thing I have done during my time at Arizona State is to seek my adviser’s help every semester and have them help me create a schedule that helps out. In my case, by going in to see my adviser so early on, I was able to tack on a minor in business and a business journalism specialization by only taking one extra class from my bachelor’s degree.
It’s also important to know which classes require more work every semester. We’ve all heard horror stories about science, math and other class areas but by going to your adviser, you can see what classes you should or should not take simultaneously. By doing this you can see if an online class would work best for you or even if you should take a more challenging course over the summer so that you can spend more time on the material.
Another important thing to spread out, in my opinion, are general education classes. We all have to take science, English, math, and other courses. However, I have found it to be the easiest to spread them out as much as possible so that you’re not only taking upper-division classes for the last two years of your degree. These 100-level classes are GPA boosters during the end of your college career. Also, since everyone has to take these classes, it is easier to find room in your schedule versus all upper-division classes that can only fit 20 students per class. General education classes are lifesavers when it comes to finding a schedule that fits your needs.
And the last, and most important piece of advice for creating a schedule that fit your needs is to create a schedule that fits you. So many times, you hear your friends discuss how many courses they are taking and how they got an override to be enrolled in more classes than recommended. Learning is different for everyone and we all learn at different paces. It’s important to recognize that we all learn differently and maybe taking less classes but getting better grades and actually comprehending the material is more beneficial in the end. In the end, do what’s best for you and don’t forget to have fun. Throw a yoga class or a music class that sounds interesting to you. College is a time for learning, but it is also a time to have fun and discover who you are.

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