How to Choose the Best Beauty School for You

You have made the decision to go to beauty school. Great choice! In today’s worrisome economic climate, a career in beauty offers you the potential for a stable and rewarding future. The next step is to choose the best school for your education. Here are some steps to take to help you make that important decision.

1. Location

Start your search by looking for schools that are close to your home or workplace if you will be working while you attend school. If you don’t have a car, check for public transportation access. If you have a car, is plenty of parking available? The convenience of the school’s location will help you keep your costs down while you are learning your new trade.

2. Accreditation

Check your state’s requirements for licensing. Many states require that you attend an accredited school in order to be licensed. That ranking means the school has met or exceeded your state’s minimum educational standards.

3. Schedule

While some beauty schools operate on an open enrollment system in which you can start at any time of year, others have a semester system similar to traditional schools. Depending on what your needs are, it’s best to check in advance what the school’s enrollment schedule is to see it fits into your schedule. Also, find out how long it takes to graduate from the school. Time of completion can vary according to the course load you are taking and your state’s requirements. An average full-time program takes about the same time as a regular school year – nine or 10 months.

4. Curriculum

Is there a certain aspect of cosmetology that you want to focus on? Does the school have courses in that area? Are there advanced courses available, and can you take them if you have proven you are capable? Will you be able to change your course load and/or specialty as you learn new skills? Inquire about how many required courses are part of the schedule, and how many electives you can take.

5. Hands-on Experience

The best training for a cosmetologist is on real people, not mannequins or dolls. Find out what opportunities the school offers for you to try out your skills on other students or community residents.

6. Financial Details

While beauty school offers significant savings over four-year schools, annual tuition can still run up to $15,000. Does the school offer any financial aid or scholarship packages? How can you apply? What are the requirements and deadlines? Also find out about costs for books, cosmetology kits and other items you will need in order to enroll.

7. Job Placement Help

Find out if the school assists students in finding positions after graduation. Many schools find placing their new graduates to be a win-win situation. The schools help students with getting their first jobs in the community, and the local salons get top-notch stylists in return for offering those jobs. This job placement service can be a big benefit of attending a certain beauty school.
Choosing the right beauty school can be a big step in the right direction for your new career. Good luck!

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