How to choose the right major in university

Dyane Nunez is a recent grad school graduate from Sacred Heart University. She obtained both her bachelors and masters degree in communication with a concentration in journalism. Some of her work has been featured on Buffalo Rising, an online newspaper in Buffalo, NY. Wrevel, a social media website, Bengal News and also on an online Buffalo fashion magazine called Pandamomium. Currently she continues to look for ways to expand her journalistic career, but on her free time she loves catching up on action and horror films she missed watching in theaters.

7 years ago I stepped into a college campus for the first time, uncertain of what I wanted to do and what major to choose. The good thing about any higher education institution is the adequate amount of time they provide you with so that you may choose a major; and in case you regret it a few months later you are always able to select another. Just remember that unless you’re willing to dedicate every hour and day of the week into catching up with the work load that’s required, you will probably be risking graduating with the same class you started with. Don’t let this discourage you. There are still other options that you may prefer, like choosing to double major.

A year after taking general classes, which everyone is obligated, too take, I hesitated between choosing communication, hospitality or business as a major. I knew that math had never been my strong point and only received passing grades in high school because of the extra hours I forced myself to put into learning it with the help of friends and tutors. So I figured that I wouldn’t have done well if I had chosen to major in business. Then there was hospitality; it was a major that focused mostly on catering to others and provided you with lots of opportunity to grow in the field and remain employed throughout the years. But I couldn’t really picture myself constantly catering to the needs of others. So I chose a major in communication instead. It provided me with access into any career path I chose after college. But what was most intriguing about the major was knowing that I would be prepared to either go into a career in corporate communication, public relations, marketing, journalism, media production or whatever else I chose. Majoring in communication didn’t limit my skills to one specific career but rather provided me with access to it all.

Choosing a major may not always be easy, and if your truly unsure of what to choose. Focus on the things that would bring you pleasure and find a major where you can incorporate most or all of those things. Make a list of your academic strengths and weaknesses, and how each of those things could either help you or hurt you in the major that you choose. If you’re still unsure, speak to someone who is currently in the major and ask for their perspective on things. And if you don’t know anyone, as most freshmen don’t, ask to set up an appointment with your guidance counselor. They are extremely helpful in recommending a professor you might want to speak too. Direct you to the schools career center or advise you themselves. But whatever you do make sure that you never choose a major to please someone else, because in the long run even after graduating college and putting into practice all that you’ve learned while in school, you’ll eventually choose another career path. And when all else fails and your still in doubt, do what only a few have the courage to do and just choose two.

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