My college life

I am a recent college graduate of Metropolitan State University of Denver with a BS in Human Nutrition and Dietetics. Through out my degree I’ve worked many jobs usually working three I could manage with my busy school schedule. I primarily worked as a personal trainer, a fitness instructor, lifeguard and manager. After teaching myself how to swim at age 17, I went on to teach hundreds of people how to swim and workout. I then joined my college swim team and evolved into a triathlete. At the end of each day it is my clients who inspire me to push my limits. The drive I have had physically is the same drive I have maintained as a student while seeking new challenges in college and beyond. Starting college I first struggled to find my path, but once I found it in my degree I have learned through knowledge and dicipiline I can do everything I ever dreamed of and so much more.

Raised in the small town of Henderson Colorado I spent most of my life exploring the great outdoors and loved journaling my experiences as a child. I’ve grown to love fitness, health, nutrition, philosophy and yes I am still a writer at heart and a lover of words. In my career I hope to work on helping people with diabetes improve their fitness nutrition and overall lifestyle. I believe I am my best, when I am helping people to become theirs.

Think of college as a hundred doors of opportunity opening up just for you. The doors all lead somewhere and some are more appealing than others, but you have to consider where they lead and what door will get you down your path of success.

Starting college my focus was not on the future as much as it was on the present. During my freshman year I worked three jobs. As a lifeguard, fitness instructor and bartender I gained an array of life experiences outside of school. It was clear I was drawn to fitness, but despite my experiences I started with a declared major in photojournalism. I guess you could say it seemed the most appealing at the time.

Beginning college I wanted to get in touch with my artistic side and I knew I wanted to travel. My dream then was to eventually work for the National Geographic. I soon realized the problem with my dream was just that it was a dream and dreams cannot get you very far without a plan.

The key to success in college is focusing on your future. The more you know about where you want to be in the beginning the more likely you are to get there. Where do you want to go? Where do you see yourself in four years? Most importantly, which route is going to get you there the fastest? When I realized this I began looking at opportunities as stepping stones to my destination or to my destiny.

By the time I had asked myself these questions it was my third year in college and the credits and costs were adding up, but graduation was nowhere in sight. It was far to late to look back so I found the answers to my questions and pushed on. It felt like I was starting from scratch.

I first decided what area of study I wanted to be in and what type of degree I wanted. This narrowed my options a lot. I wanted a Bachelor of Science (BS) because every position I seen myself working in incorporated some type of science. At the time my declared major would have gotten me a bachelor of arts. I looked at the list of majors offered at my university in the BS category. I then chose my top three and from there it was simple. Instead of one hundred doors of opportunity I only had to research three.

I looked carefully for a strong program that would get me right where I wanted to be, which for me was at the forefront of the fitness and health industry with a possible career in healthcare. The degree of Human Nutrition and Dietetics stood out to me it was an extended degree, meaning it would take longer than four years to complete.

In the end I finished it in less time than was expected and I learned that when I aim high, only then is it possible to exceed even my own expectations. As a 2015 graduate I am excited to say I am entering a field I love. I am successful not because I chose the easy route, but because I chose the opportunity that only I could know was right for me.

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