How to Create the Perfect Everyday Smokey Eye

Smoldering black smokey eyes are great for nights out but they can look a bit overdone in everyday life. If you are looking for look that you can wear to work or out for the afternoon, try your hand at a more subdued smokey eye. Rather than using black and charcoal shades, grab some neutral tones and create the perfect afternoon look.

Create a Base

Start off by adding some concealer under your eyes and creating a good base. Wearing an eye shadow primer can really help your look stay for long so it is worth the investment, especially for long days out or warm, sticky weather.

Once you have a good base, add ivory or off white shadow over your entire eye lid. Use a bright white shadow or highlighter directly underneath your brow bone. It is best to do this after you have already done your eyebrows, particularly if you are using a powder. By doing it in this order, you don’t need to worry about eyebrow shadow sprinkling down on your lids.

Add an Illusion of Depth

Use a chocolate brown or medium brown shade of eye shadow to go over the outer edge of your eyelid. With the same shade of brown, use short strokes to go over the crease of your eye lid. THe brown may look a bit dark with next to the white shade. To create a subtle everyday look, it is particularly import to blend the lines well. It is great to have a blending brush for this purpose as your fingers tend to smudge the colors more than blend them.

Use a thin, stiff brush to go underneath your eyes with the same shade of brown. To avoid creating a beady-eyed look, stay on the outer edge of your eye when you are working on yoru lower lid. When you reach the white of your eye, stop. You should really just add this darker shade under about 75% of your eye.

Add Drama to Your Eyes

Use eyeliner to line your upper lid. If you have light colored eyes, work with a chocolate brown shade. If your eyes are darker, use black line. Again, it’s important to focus on the outer edge of the eye. Start your line where your iris begin (closest to your nose) then gradually make the line wider as you work your way out. Don’t worry if your eyelining skills aren’t quite up to par. You can use an eyeliner brush to gently smudge the line so it doesn’t look too severe.

Add color to your upper and lower waterline. Your waterline is much more sensitive than your eyelid so it is best to use a crayon specifically designed for this purpose. They last longer and minimize your chance of irritation.

Before you apply your mascara, curl your lashes. For maximize effect, curl each side three times. Curl it once at the base, once in the middle, and again near the tips. It will give you a far more eye-opening effect that just curling at the base.

Apply two coats of mascara to your bottom and tops lashes, and, voilà, the perfect daytime smokey eye look!

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