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Hello, I am Alexis Grippi. I am currently a junior at Immaculata University in Pennsylvania. I am a fashion student majoring in fashion merchandising. I am a fashion blogger, on my own personal blog, and have also written blogs for Blog site: What-to-wear by Desta Online. I am currently a brand ambassador for company, BEARPAW shoes. I am also an intern as a merchandise buyer at QVC. I have had a passion for fashion since I was a little girl. Being dressed fashionably was always my top priority. However when I finished high school, I decided to go to college for Psychology instead. After my first year, I was not happy and decided to follow my real dream which was going to school for fashion. I love every aspect of the fashion industry and love to get involved in anything fashion related. I have also volunteered at several fashion shows in the Pennsylvania area. I enjoy giving and getting advice from and to other fashionistas. I enjoy sewing, blogging, styling, drawing, and of course shopping!

When I think of fashion, many definitions run through my head. When I think of style, there are so many ways I want to define style. Fashion is what you are wearing, whether it’s a dress, a shirt, etc. Style is how you decide to put the fashion together to create an outfit. When people ask, “What’s your fashion style?” I always say, “I can show you better than I can tell you.” I could define my fashion style in a single word such as prep or chic but I know that depending on the day and what I’m wearing my style changes. My fashion style is defined by how I am feeling that day and how I style my fashion. The clothing I decide to wear and how I decide to wear it together is my style. One day my style may be “preppy” by wearing a knitted sweater, a collared shirt underneath, and khakis. Or one day my style may be “bohemian” by wearing a long floral maxi skirt, a fringe tank, and a floral headpiece. I do not have just one style, and that is okay. It’s fun to be a different person everyday by the different clothing items you are wearing. I remember going into stores and the store would have clothing separated into different sections with similar clothing in the same section. My friends would always just shop in one section and get everything they needed from it. I remember going to every section and always finding something in each section I liked. I could go into any store and find something I like and think of how I wanted to style it. That’s how I knew that I was not going to just have one specific style. When I want to look professional, I may where a more preppy or business attire. When I want to be comfortable, I may where a bohemian style. When I want to be extremely stylish, I may wear clothing that is chic. Depending on how I feel or how I want to look that day, that is what my style is going to be. Being able to define your own fashion style may take some time. Some people may only have one style, some may have two, and some may have many. Either way it doesn’t matter. Let your style define who you are, that’s what I do. Let your outfit say how your feeling. When getting dressed ask yourself, how do I want to be portrayed today? What do I want my outfit to say about my style today? As a fashionista, we go through a million outfits before we find the perfect one. That’s the fun part! I love wearing one item to create a specific style and then being able to wear that same item and pair it with something else and it create a completely different style. When getting dressed, putting an outfit together to express your style, be confident and own it. The world is our runway and we must show the world our unique style and/or styles.

- Alexis Grippi

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