How to Do a Salon Manicure

Going to the nail salon is one of my favorite personal indulgences. It gives me some much needed downtime and it is the only place that I can read all of my gossip magazines without feeling shame. There are some weeks though when I just don’t have the time to go and get my nails done. And by don’t have the time, I mean that I would rather spend the time outside in the sun than inside in the massage chair (I do love those massage chairs though!)
For those times when for whatever reason you can’t make it to the nail salon, here is a fail-proof guide to giving yourself a flawless at home manicure.
Step 1: Clip your nails.
Using a nail clipper, cut your nails to your preferred length. I recommend staying away from your cuticles since it’s really easy to cut one the wrong way and get an infection.
Step 2: File your nails
Using a nail file, shape your nails. You can have some fun and try having them rounded, square or even pointy. I am a square girl, but feel free to go with whatever shape you want.
Step 3: Clean your nails.
Using a cotton ball, remove any polish from your nails and clean any dirt from underneath your nails.
Step 4: Exfoliate your hands.
Using your favorite body scrub, gently exfoliate your hands to remove dead skin. I like to mix brown sugar and honey and use that as an exfoliator. It leaves your hands super soft and smelling sweet. Step 5: Step 5: Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize
Pretty hands need lots of hydration. Use the richest cream you have at home. I often use the same night cream I use for my face on my hands.
Step 6: Prep your nails
Using a cotton ball, clean your nails with rubbing alcohol to remove any oil left behind from your hand cream. Rubbing alcohol will also help your polish to stay on longer.

7. It’s time to paint
Start by applying a layer of basecoat to each nail. After the base coast has dried, apply two coats of color. You want to make sure each coat has dried before applying another one so that the polish goes on smoothly and without little air bubbles. After letting the color dry, apply a topcoat to seal in the color and protect it from chipping.
Step 10: Touch up with nail polish remover
Even the experts make mistakes. Using a bit of nail polish remover, get rid of any color that ended up on your skin around your nails. Voila! Your manicure is complete.

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