How To Do the Perfect Pedicure at Home

It is easy to neglect your feet when you are wearing closed toe shoe on a regular basis but there is no reason to! A good pedicure will add a spring to your step and leave your feet feeling amazing. There is no need to plop down your hard earned money and have a stranger scrub down your feet though. It is easy, fast, and cheap to do great pedicures right in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Step One: Get a Deep Clean

One simple mistake that many novice pedicurists make is exfoliating wet feet. It is really much easier and more effective to buff the dead skin off of dry feet. Use a good foot file and pay particular attention to your heel and the balls of your feet.

Once you have cleared off the dead skin, fill up a big bowl with warm water and a foot soak. If you don’t have a soak specially designed for your feet, stick with epsom salt. If your skin is particularly dry, slice a lemon in half and rub it over dry areas. This will help wipe away remaining dead skin so it is easy for your moisturizer to soak into your feet.

Bonus tips: Track down some marbles and put them at the bottom of your foot bath. Rubbing your feet over them while they soak with give you a great DIY foot massage.

After you have soaked your feet for about ten minutes, remove them from the water and give them one more quick rub down with your foot scrub. Rinse your feet afterward to make sure that your skin is completely cleared off.

Step Two: Prep Your Nails

After you pull your feet out of the water, dry them off thoroughly then use a cuticle stick to push back your cuticles. Cut your nails straight across with a toe nail clippers. Do this is several small snips rather than one big one to reduce the odd of an uneven cut or a broken nail. After you have trimmed your toe nails, file them back and round them slightly so that you don’t have any sharp edges.

Step Three: Soak in the Moisture

After you have filled down your toe nails, rub in a thick lotion and let it soak in. If you want a pop of color, wipe the lotion off your nails. Add a base coat, followed by two layers of nail polish, and top it off with a topcoat. If applied properly, toe nail polish can last much longer than nail polish. Allow each coat of polish to dry before adding another and be sure to do all four layers for unbeatable staying power.

If you are struggling with extra dry skin, let your moisturizer work overnight. Just add your favorite foot lotion, wrap up your feet in plastic wrap, then put on some socks. Sleep with your feet wrapped up once a week or so for touchably soft skin. Play around with the plastic wrap until you find a comfortable way of wearing it overnight. If you can’t get comfortable, check out some of the moisturizing overnight socks that you can buy in many cosmetic stores.

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