How to dress for a wedding

It’s wedding season! Now that you’re in college, you are probably getting lots of invites to weddings, of friends, older cousins or siblings, or as a date to your boyfriend’s friend’s/family’s weddings. Before starting college, I had attended only one wedding and was the flower girl, so I had no idea what to wear when I was invited as an adult. They aren’t short, and you do have to consider where the ceremony is being held, how much walking you’ll have to do, and what time of day the reception is held. In addition to how formal the invitation says the wedding is supposed to be and whether or not the two getting married are conservative (ie. Low-cut dresses would be out). It’s a lot to think about when selecting a dress!
It may seem complicated, but after going to a few now it is really not as difficult as you might think. There is a type of dress for everyone that works no matter what kind of wedding they’re invited to—you just need to figure out what that is for you individually. So, go try on a bunch of dresses at a few different stores and see what works! I personally have found that higher cut, slim fit dresses that hit a few inches above the knee are best for me. To not look quite so uptight, I typically choose ones that are slightly conservative from the front, and have an opening in the back. You show a little skin, but not so much that it isn’t tasteful. I also like to choose a dress that has a little something extra, like a fun pattern (but not too crazy) or pockets.
As for shoes, just find a pair of heels that you can wear with any dress, since the invitations you’ll receive to weddings will increase exponentially the older you get, that are comfortable. I know, it’s not that easy to find comfortable heels, but that’s what inserts are for. Once I discovered those stick-on patches for the ball of the foot area, all of my heels are suddenly comfortable. Also make sure you get the right fit—I have found that going down about a ½ size helps to ensure that the heels stay on my feet. That way, I don’t end up limping home with giant blisters because the back of my heels were rubbing against my heel the entire time. And if you’re concerned about finding heels to dance it, stop worrying. At every single wedding I have been to, tons of people take their shoes off to dance. If you’re worried about a dirty floor, then just stash a pair of cheap, cute flats in your purse!
It’s easier than you might think to find an outfit for a wedding, just do your best to not upstage the bride!

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