How To Earn Money In College

Having a college budget means that money is tight. Even if you get support from your family, sometimes you still feel constrained. There are ways that you can earn money while in college without taking on a part-time job.
1) Sell your clothes.
This may seem hard to do but if you take a good, long look in your closet there are probably some old shirts or pants that you just don’t wear anymore. Another option is selling them online. There are a lot of apps for your cell phone that make it easy to sell clothes from your closet with just a picture. Research options on your phone and begin to sort through your closet.
2) Freelance.
There are many websites out there that enable you to do online contract work and earn money at your own pace. Register for one of these sites and build out a profile that highlights your strengths and you may even be able to build out your portfolio for a future employer or internship. You can also check local job listings in newspapers or online sites to see if there is freelance work that is needed by a local non-profit organization or small business. It never hurts to reach out and see if you can offer your services to someone who may need them.
3) Check the paper.
The paper for your local community probably offers many opportunities for you to earn money while maintaining your schedule as a full time student. These could consist of dog sitting, house sitting, baby-sitting, gardening and more. Check the listings and see if there is something that would work best for you. It is necessary to be cautious when applying or inquiring for these jobs so make sure you have done your research and interviewed the people who are interested in hiring you.
Whatever fits best into your schedule to earn money without taking on a part-time job is the opportunity that will work best for you. Examine your schedule and find the time where you can fit in some baby-sitting or freelance work and you just might find yourself with some extra cash for the weekends.

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