How to find your personal style?

Kyla Williams is currently a senior at Southern Illinois University of Carbondale. She is studying to attain a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Marketing. Fashion has been her passion since she was able to strut in a pair of her mother’s heels

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Fashion is a series of things while on the other hand Style comes within yourself. How to find or define your style are questions I get often from friends and viewers of mine which I find very hard to answer because I feel as though I am putting not only myself but the person asking inside a box. I believe it is so many fascinating things to a person and a style and putting it inside a box does not make sense, personal style should be fun and a collage of things that make you happy and a way to express the person you are.

So going forward here are a few tips to guide you to finding your personal style…

1. Find Inspiration: As a fashion student I constantly get inspired whether it is from fashion bloggers, magazines, or everyday people you name it magic happens inside my head. As human begins we are made to change and evolve so along with that your style will change as well. Something I learn as I have grown is to “never define your style by a label” and to “never be scared to ask someone where they got those nice pair of shoes from”.

2. Know your body type: I know all of us had a time where we thought a dress, or blouse would work for us. I admit I have and that is the beauty of fashion and finding your style YOU GET TO CHANGE IT! But knowing your body type makes it easier to find things you like, for example try finding celebrities that have the same body type as yourself which will be a great way to figure out what works for you. Remember to use sources like magazines, Instagram, Google or Pinterest to look up trends to see how they are worn on others.

3. Find things you like: Style is personal so it should be something that express who you are as an individual. What are your go to pieces? When you wake in the morning and get dress what is the first thing you happen to grab for? For me I would have to say a blazer, jeans, white shirt and a statement piece and I’m out the door! Lets’ just say I live for my basics they are essential and should be a part of everyone’s wardrobe. What is your uniform?

4. Comfort: Basics, basics, basics! You cannot get enough of the white or black t-shirts, stripes and jeans. Those staple pieces are things you can do whatever you want with by dressing it up or down, when trying to create trendy styles basics will come in handy. With basics you can add a staple piece to jazz it up such as a leather jacket, chain necklace or blazer which are key pieces to invest in because they last forever.

I hope these tips help on your journey to finding your personal style, just remember basics, comfort, expression and what makes you happyJ

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