How to have fuller lips

Some ladies are blessed with full, even lips, and some are, well, not. If you associate yourself with the latter group, fear not! There are a few simple ways to cheat fuller lips and give the appearance of a plumper pout. None of the following steps include any sort of medical procedure; I find that sometimes, when overdone, injections make lips look worse than they were before. All you will need to achieve a fuller lip look are a neutral lip liner, nude or pink lipstick, clear or pink gloss, and cream or powder highlighter.
1. First, you want to line your lips using a neutral nude or muted pink lip liner. Using a light hand, draw a line on the outer edge of your lips to cheat a fuller pout. Then, blend the line softly into your lips with a fingertip so that it isn’t noticeable.
2. Next, take your favorite nude or pink lip color (note: it is important to match the shade of the lipstick to the liner – you don’t want to look as if you have a harsh line around your lips) and apply it to your lips either straight from the bullet or with a lip brush. I prefer to use a lip brush for this step, as it ensures you will achieve a perfect application. Be sure to blend the lip color in with the lip liner so that where the liner is drawn looks like the natural line of your lips.
3. Now, take a clear or pink lip gloss. Rather than applying it all over your lips, concentrate the product on the center of your lips, and then pat it in with a fingertip. This will give the appearance of a fuller pout with just a bit of shine, rather than appearing too glossy or sticky.
4. Finally, taking a cream or powder highlighter, tap the product right over your cupid’s bow. The reason for doing this is to, again, enhance this part of your face and make the upper lip appear fuller.

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